Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So HARD to get up in the morning now. Good thing I had to get up to pee. I think it's getting darker in the mornings.

We've taken seven or eight carloads of boxes and random house things from this place to the new townhouse. I've been coming home at lunch for the last few days and packing up the car so that we can go straight to the townhouse from work at the end of the day. Tomorrow we get the U-Haul at 7:30am and we'll be taking most of the rest of the stuff over that day. Then we just need to clean this place (and, really, do a half-assed job of it because that's the way it was when we moved in) and we'll be done.

The camera batteries are dead, and the recharger is in a box somewhere, so there'll be no pictures until we've moved in completely. But that's OK - empty apartments are boring.
Tags: moving
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