Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We're all moved! Well, mostly. There are some cleaning supplies still at the duplex but most everything else is at the townhouse. (Except I still can't find the accent pillows for the couch. How odd.)

I don't want to speak too soon, but so far I love the new place. If it's always this way, I'll not want to move for a long long time. It's smaller, and the box springs didn't fit up the stairs so it's up against the wall behind the bookcases, but there's a nice little patio and it's insulated by the neighbors enough that it doesn't get very hot (it was almost 100 degrees yesterday and we didn't even need to turn on a fan! We would have been dying at the other place!) which means it also probably won't get very cold. And it's quiet, except for the occasional banging of pallets at WinCo down the street or fireworks (I think that's what they were but I have no idea why they were going on) on Saturday night. (That was odd.) But I've already unpacked boxes that I didn't even unpack at the old place, and I'll be putting pictures up soon. I'm really excited to have pictures up again!

And of course, the camera ran out of batteries so we couldn't get any pictures of the place empty, but furnished pictures will come as soon as I recharge the batteries and as soon as we finish unpacking.

The actual moving part didn't take very long, which was nice. Cory got the UHaul at 7:30 and had returned it by 11am. He and I almost completely filled the truck by the time our friend Mike showed up, and then we packed his Jeep and our car, and the three of us headed over to the new place. It was nice to have an extra pair of arms. After lunch at McMenamins, Mike went back home and we did some unpacking; and then Sunday we were hermits and we unpacked most of the day, during and in-between watching stupid movies on our new free expanded cable. Heh.

Some of you will probably need our new address. Drop me a line if you do. rivule at
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