Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Cory and I both had a busy weekend. Mine was more fun though.

On Friday morning Cory took the car and left early for work. I packed a little bag and straightened the townhouse up a bit, and waited for Mom to get here. When she did, I showed her around a little and then we went to the beach and met my aunts and grandma and cousin in Lincoln City. We had lunch at Kyllo's (fish and chips for me) and went to the outlet mall, where I found a couple of camisoles and a couple of bell-sleeved empire waisted jersey tops. After we checked into our hotel at Agate Beach, we unpacked our snacks and had a dinner of crackers and dip and toast. I met my cousin's new Jack Russell terrier and chatted with Grandma and my aunt and mom until I fell asleep stick straight along the edge of the bed I was sharing with Mom. I woke up in the same position the next morning.

Saturday we went searching for antiques and other things. We ended up going all the way back up past the outlets in Lincoln City to have lunch at Dory Cove (clam chowder, garlic bread and salad) and we made our way back down the coast, stopping in a few places to shop. I found a cute purse at Fred Meyer, and we walked around the little neighborhood of Nye Beach for a little bit, and then headed down to the Rogue brewery on the south side of the bay. It stunk like fermenting and burnt hops and we could hardly get through the group of drunk people finishing up their tour (one guy was screaming "I AM THE ROGUE! I AM THE ROGUE!" at the top of his lungs, his fists in the air). But we found our way up to the dining room, where I ordered a seafood pot and got gater gumbo accidentally; and then they gave me what I ordered and I had to give up the gumbo. (I thought it didn't taste like seafood!) After dinner was more chatting in the hotel and then bed. I hugged the edge again, and my muscles weren't very happy about having to be in that hard bed with the pillow that was too thin to sleep on one of but too thick to sleep on two of.

Sunday morning was lazy. I wore a sweatshirt and was very happy that it was cool enough for me to do it. We leisurely got ourselves dressed and packed and we headed back to the cars, where Mom and I headed back towards the valley and everybody else went back to the Old Navy outlet so that my cousin could get something she'd seen on Friday. As we went further east it got hotter and hotter, and by the time I got home it was almost 100 degrees. What an icky welcome. Cory wasn't around when I got back, but he showed up soon, and right after him came his brother, who was visiting while his friend Jared was at work in Portland. We had lunch at McMenamins and coffee at Starbucks and watched a movie at home and then said goodbye to Joel.

Meanwhile... well, rewind a bit. On Saturday morning, Cory rented a little truck and drove up to Portland. He and Mike dug in Mike's storage place and found the washer and dryer, loaded them into the truck, and then drove down to our townhouse and loaded the washer and dryer into their little nook. He was busy and used his muscles, and I was busy and used my... well, I didn't use much of anything. Heh.

And now we're past the personal busy-ness and are ready to start buckling down and getting ready for school and a busy work time at Cory's place of employment.
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