Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

The keys to the old duplex have been left on the counter in the kitchen, along with our forwarding address. There was already a for-rent sign in the yard, and the apple tree out front had been buzz-cut. It looks like they think it's already ready for move-in, which is funny because I didn't do a very good job cleaning (on purpose). I even left a patch of mold on the wall that I found when we were moving out (it was behind a little chest of drawers). I did a quick walk-through and it looked like they hadn't done anything inside.

Yesterday I found some yarn (eww, fun fur) and thread to try to reproduce some witch dolls that I saw at one of the the Salishan shops at the beach. They were very simple, and I thought they'd probably look better crocheted, so I'm attempting it.

Yesterday it only got up to 76. I actually wore 3/4 length sleeves to work. It was so nice. Except for the afternoon when I started getting a little warm. I wish my body ran cold - I miss wearing sweaters and I'd get to wear them more if I wasn't so dang hot all the time.

Off I go - gotta go pretty myself up for the gyno.
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