Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

One of these nights I'll get the hang of sleeping through the entire thing rather than waking up fifteen times and then not wanting to wake up when I'm supposed to.

I'm keeping an ear perked up for the school bus this morning, even though I'm pretty sure I won't be able to hear it before I leave. Must remember to slow down in front of the school I pass by in the mornings, too. I love the first day of school!

I had an icky dream last night about my sister.

This weekend we decided to lay low, so the furthest we went was downtown Corvallis. On Saturday we went shopping for a new bike tube for Cory, and a new shower head, and a few other things. On Sunday we went for a bike ride and I was reminded how I'm not good at using those muscles yet. Yesterday we had a really nice walk up into Timberhill, where we looked at big houses and talked about families and futures. Meanwhile, we watched the entire series of The Office (BBC) and I crocheted most of the witch doll I've modeled after Woof 'n' Poof dolls I saw at the Salishan shops at the beach. She's still headless because I wasn't sure how I wanted it to be shaped, but her arms and legs are attached to her body and I'm starting to visualize how to dress her. So far she's cute. I even forced myself to buy two different colors of fun fur for her messy hair.

My choir director sent an email at 1:45 this morning. He said we were all going to meet "tomorrow evening." Never mind that I'm not sure what time; I still don't know what day. Does he mean tonight? Or tomorrow night? At least I'm pretty sure where.
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