Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Cory's a workie-man this weekend so I have been lounging around in the cozy house. Yesterday I did almost nothing, except for go find new jeans. I had to find new jeans because Friday was a Bad Day At Work, one that started with the fabric of my jeans in my inner thigh deciding it was weak enough to give out when I squatted down to grab something off the floor. I had to go home and change. Most of the rest of the day was frustrating like that (except for when I got a half-chai-half-pumpkin-spice-latte at Starbucks in the rain). I found some jeans at Old Navy but I think I've found that even jeans that are slightly below-waist are about too low for me. It's unfortunate that I'm becoming an old lady who likes her jeans to hit her bellybutton. I'll try them on again today and if I don't like them I'll take them back and order some at-waist jeans online.

Today I will be slightly more productive. I want to find a good crockpot recipe to start this morning, though it's starting to get late and I'd better get on that if I want to follow through. I also have a pumpkin apple muffin recipe that I've altered a bit and want to try this morning. I will work on my crocheted witch so that I can get her going to Mom's house in time to sit on her couch for Halloween, and I have an idea for a crochet skirt overlay to wear on Halloween day at work. (I hope we get trick-or-treaters this year!!)
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