Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Corporate Christmas Gifts

OK, people who live in the northwest - I need some ideas for a butter cookie or something that would (a) go well with coffee and (b) would represent our area well. We usually try to buy gift boxes for our customers that are very Oregon-y: last year we had baskets with salmon, Tillamook cheese, crackers and chocolate-covered hazelnuts. There's only so many Christmases you can give the quintessential Oregon food gifts, since they almost all have to do with Tillamook cheese, hazelnuts, and salmon. So this year I'm going with another northwest theme: coffee. The boxes will have half a pound of Allann Bros. coffee, some mints, a mug with our logo on it, and probably some kind of cookie or biscotti or something that would go well with the theme. (Biscotti has never been a hit at our office - it usually gets thrown in a cupboard and forgotten about. I could go the hazelnut biscotti way, but I'm not sure if I like that.) Does Trader Joe's make a good Oregon-y cookie? Are there any local bakeries that would make small boxed cookies that wouldn't get stale in the trek across the country via the mail system?

In other news, the Christmas cards that I ordered for the company came today. I love planning ahead for these things.
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