Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Some more teachers, some more books

School starts tomorrow. I have Numeric Keyboarding and Business Law. Then Tuesday I have choir, and Thursday I have Accounting. That's not horrible for a week, I guess. Numeric Keyboarding is only 5 weeks, and then I start an Access class, which is another 5 weeks. Then it'll be Christmas. These three months are going to fly by.

This term will be Cory's first term at Oregon State. He's a bit nervous but as soon as he's had a week of classes he'll be more confident. University classes aren't much different than community college classes. I'm excited for him.

The nice cool, wet weather went away this weekend and it's been sunny and pretty warm. Well, hot. 90 is hot. I'm not sure what happened to my fall. Come back! Truthfully, though, I can see the days getting shorter and the air smelling more like fall and the light getting thinner.

I need to re-pot my jasmine before it's time to bring it inside for the winter. The poor thing is potbound.
Tags: school
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