Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I decorated the townhouse for Halloween this morning. I'm almost finished - I just need to put up the window hangings I made for the Adams St. apartment windows. They won't fit in these windows very well but I don't mind - they'll look OK anyway I think.

Our friends made an impromptu visit this morning as well. They had their baby on July 11th, the day before our wedding anniversary, and we have been meaning to get up to Keizer to see them but things just weren't working out. But they came down for the football game and stopped by on their way to campus. Garrett is almost three months old now and he's adorable. Their visit was over too quickly.

And now I'm watching Trout doze in the patch of sun on the floor and waiting for Nicoal to arrive so we can do some autumny cooking.
Tags: halloween
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