Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Nicoal came over yesterday afternoon. We looked through magazines and online and found our recipes, and braved late-afternoon Winco crowds for our ingredients. (Right after I finished telling Nicoal that when you come in at this time you get stuck behind people who just stop in the middle of things so you can't get around them; the person in front of me stopped and all the people behind me kept going around so I was stuck.) We had to make an additional trip to Albertson's for eggplant and sugar pumpkins and a baguette that wasn't sourdough or multi-grain, and they didn't have pumpkins either so we decided to use an acorn squash instead.

Then we came back home and had pumpkin beer (it tasted like used cinnamon gum!) and made vegetarian lasagna, whipped sweet potatoes and pumpkin bread pudding. Cory came home from studying when the food was ready and we watched Nightmare Before Christmas while we ate. It was a very nice evening.

Today will be devoted to homework, helping Cory with his accounting homework, and then choir. The concert is coming up soon!
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