Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain...

This morning I had class, so I went to work an hour early so I could get a few things done before I had to leave for Albany. When I drove by the temperature indicator near my work at 7am, it said 64 degrees. It was so balmy I barely needed a jacket, but I took one anyway because I knew I'd be out in the evening too. By the time I left work to drive to school it had started to get pretty breezy, and I kept having to correct for the wind on the drive back to Corvallis.

I stopped by the courthouse to get my ballot, as I'd turned in my change of address form and had it sent back to me for a signature (duh), and I danced through the metal detector and made the security guard laugh at me. I got my ballot and some coffee at Starbucks and some sushi for lunch and gave up on having decent-looking hair by then. I now have the windswept look.

About an hour after I got back to work it started absolutely pouring. It hasn't stopped yet. The parking lot is flooding and everybody was driving really slowly this evening; and it seems like everyone is just trying to get home. If it was colder I'd feel like it was a real winter storm, but it's still in the low 60s and I really wouldn't need my jacket still, if it wasn't for the rain.

In half an hour I will take my Business Law midterm and then I'll go pick up Cory and go home. And vote. I hope you're all voting too.

Oh yeah - I also stopped by the academic advising center while I was at the main campus of LBCC and chatted with a counselor for a few minutes. He signed my graduation sheet so I'm now officially graduated with an AGS (Associate of General Studies). Next term I'll get my Accounting Certificate sheet signed as well. Of course, he told me I ought to keep going and get my BS, but I won't be doing that unless the boss man tells me he'll pay for it. Besides, I don't mind working for an accountant rather than as an accountant. It was nice to finish my general studies degree though.
Tags: school, weather
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