Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Thanksgiving Menu

I can't believe Thanksgiving is coming up so soon!! I've been working on the menu a bit and this is what I've come up with so far:

Appetizer: Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Spread with Crackers

Roast Turkey
Giblet Gravy
Sausage Cornbread Dressing
Cranberry Sauce
Mashed Potato Gratin
Brussels Sprouts with Honey-glazed Pearl Onions & Capocollo
Sweet Potato Casserole
Pumpkin Crème Brulee
Cranberry Salad


I'm still not sure on the exact dressing to use - I found a sausage apple fennel cornbread dressing recipe but that sounds like a lot of ingredients. I'm also not sure about the vegetable; I love brussels sprouts but I don't know if I ought to make another vegetable as well, or if I should just go with my Swiss Vegetable Medley that I've made before and really like. And should transcribe here because it's yummy and I like sharing my recipes.

Dad is bringing dessert, and Cory's dad is bringing something but I'm not sure what yet.
Tags: thanksgiving
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