Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

My Thanksgiving to-do list last night was thwarted by the turkey. I made cornbread and cut it into squares and toasted the squares for stuffing, I made the cranberry jello salad, I found a Tupperware box that would fit the turkey in it so I could brine it overnight last night... but the turkey was still frozen. I hoped maybe one more night in the fridge would help, but it still had ice crystals all over it, so I stuck it in the sink this morning with some cold water and instructions for Cory to change it every half hour once he comes home from class. Then hopefully I'll be able to brine it this evening. Oh well.

This evening Cory's dad will arrive from Seattle. He's driving down in the rain and rain and rain, and he'll be here around 4. I have a few things to do this evening, but most of the night will be spent having dinner with Dean and Cory.
Tags: thanksgiving
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