Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

RIP, Fall Term

I had my first and last final of the term this evening. Business Law. I barely had to look at my notes at all, which I hope was a good sign rather than a very bad one. Last week I wrapped up my Access class and finished 3 out of 4 credits in my Accounting class. (It's a variable credit class so I didn't have to do all four of them.)

I forget if I mentioned it, but next term should be a little less busy. If I took all three of the classes I need to take (not including the last credit of Accounting) I would be missing 13 out of 40 hours of work every week. That's a little high. So instead I'll be missing 4, and take my computerized accounting class. Maybe the spring term will have classes with better times for me; and if not I'll just take them one at a time if I have to.

Next up is completing a crochet pattern (it's reeeeally long already), singing in the Christmas concert for choir, and then going to Victoria! And in no time it'll be 2007. Whoa.
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