Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Phew! We had quite an interesting 12 hours!

At about 4 yesterday afternoon, the big wind storm that everybody had been talking about hit. It wasn't that bad for a couple of hours, until I had to go to choir.

I'd gotten only a mile or two down the road when suddenly the power went out in half of Corvallis. Including the church, in which I was on my way to sing. I sat in the car for a few minutes until some more people showed up and said we were moving the rehearsal to campus. So we all trooped over to Benton Hall and settled in, and right before we started singing the power went out. Ha!

Being the hard-working singers that we are, though, we sang anyway, in the hallway of the third floor, squinting in the light of the emergency lamps at our music. We sang for two hours, all cramped together, and then all ran to our cars to go home because the storm was still pretty bad.

The power came back on at about 9:30 and then we went to bed so I'm not sure if it went out again or not.

And now I'm off to work!
Tags: choir, weather
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