Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I Am

I am the whisper of wind in a fir.
I am the smile of a hyena.
I am the fuzzy heart of a thistle.
I am the flowing mane of a wild mustang.
I am the bubbles at the bottom of a waterfall.
I am the color of the sky at twilight.
I am a cloud's silver lining.
I am a shell, tossed by the sea.
I am the smell of grass, warm from the sun.
I am the glow of a porchlight on new snow.
I am a searchlight groping the stars.
I am a thousand tiny bells on a headdress.
I am the thin wail of a hungry child.
I am the agonized shaking of branches as a tree falls.
I am fog greedily shrouding a mountain.
I am the weeds hiding a panting fox.
I am silence that falls suddenly in a room.
Tags: poetry
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