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Victoria Trip, 12/23

I woke up for the last time at 3:43am, ,two minutes before the alarm went off. We tried our best to be quiet as we got dressed but it’s a creaky house, which was OK because Dean wanted to be up anyway. We got packed and Dean got up to make coffee and toast, and we had a little breakfast with the Seattle newspaper before we left. We hit the road at 4:30.

It was raining pretty hard all night, so we had to dodge puddles on I5 through Seattle and down into Tacoma. And then when we got up into the Olympic mountains between the beach and Seattle, it started snowing and we ended up driving with white knuckles and counting the cars that were in the ditches. People were passing us quite a bit, which was kind of scary. But we got through it and down the other side of the Olympics and onto 101. It got light about the time we arrived in Port Angeles, and we waited in line for the ferry while dawn broke.

The ferry wasn’t completely full, but there were plenty of people having breakfast in the cafeteria or sitting near the windows. We spent some time walking around outside but once the ferry picked up speed it was really windy and cold and we came back inside. We sat in the observation booth for a bit and two little boys (one couldn’t even talk quite yet) were trying to get out the heavy door near us so they could play on the deck. Their mother wasn’t with them, and they tried and tried to get the door open. They pushed the door open and the older one got through but the door shut and the little one was stuck on the inside and the older one was stuck on the outside. We sat for awhile, waiting for the mom to come rescue them since they were both whining and crying; but I ended up having to go open the door for the older one. Poor thing.

We got to Victoria and got through customs, and then were on our way. We parked downtown and walked around for a bit, but only had an hour and a half limit on the parking meter. We visited the Miniature Museum, several rooms of dollhouses and tableau things of wars and mini trains and things. Cory really really liked it.

Next we exchanged some money, and moved the car to another parking spot and visited Chinatown. We saw something with legs that’d been deboned and pounded flat, with the skin still on. We saw the Gates of Harmonious Interest. We walked through a little alleyway that was only a few feet wider than we were, and had lunch at the Tan Fan Café. We had to rush through lunch as we had run out of change, so we didn’t get to walk down Tan Fan Alley, but we planned on going back to try again.

Then we moved the car again, to a spot that wasn’t metered, and we spent a long time in Beehive Wool. Mmmmm. I got two skeins of green laceweight yarn, and two skeins of lightest pink linen, and a skein of wool/acrylic bulky slightly underspun fleecy-feeling yarn for a hat for Cory.

After Beehive we checked in at our hotel. We were early but it was ready for us, luckily. We unloaded the car and came in and promptly passed out for three hours. It was great. Until I woke up and couldn’t find my glasses (they were on my nose) and couldn’t find any phone numbers of choir members to see where we were supposed to meet. I think I had a dream about the choir rehearsing without me, or something. It was strange.

After Cory woke up, we went for a walk. First up was Starbucks, which is only a few blocks away from our hotel. Then we hopped across the street to Mayfair Mall, and people-watched a bit. There were a lot of last-minute shoppers getting frustrated that they couldn’t find what they were looking for.

When we were finished with our coffee and tired of people-watching, we decided to go in search of the Sav-On-Foods grocery store that we’d seen on our way to the hotel. We walked. And walked… and walked… and walked… and finally got to the building we saw. It was the Save-On-Foods Memorial Coliseum! So we walked all the way back home and looked up the real grocery store, and found that it was about three blocks in the other direction. Oy. This time we drove.

Back at home, we had some food, and I crocheted Cory’s hat, and we watched Judy Garland movies on TV. And then it was time for more sleep.
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