Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Victoria Trip, 12/25

Christmas was our lazy day. We woke up late and sat around in our pajamas and watched TV for a few hours. The Trek-Mas Day Movie Marathon was on, so we watched the last half of Star Trek 3 and all of 4, and had microwave lunches, and then we set out for a bit of a walk.

We started at the Inner Harbour and walked around James Bay, basically; with a side trip to the end of the breakwater, where the ferry we’d come in on was on its way to drop passengers off in Victoria. We were pretty hungry by the time we were finished so we stopped in at a little convenience store on the way back to the car and bought some candy bars. One of them is my new favorite: Wunderbar. Yum. We also stopped at a little store a few blocks from the hotel to get some batteries for the camera.

We came back to the hotel room in time to watch the end of Star Trek 5 and then all of Star Trek 6, and have our microwave dinners. I took a bath and got nice and pink, and Cory took a bath too, and we had a nice lazy leisurely evening.
Tags: trips

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