Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Victoria Trip, 12/26

Tuesday was our day of surprises. The first surprise was that our hotel cost $70 (plus10% tax) a night, not $50. But we paid it, and checked out of the hotel before 8:30am and went downtown to get in line for the ferry. Our plan was to park and then walk over to the Empress Hotel to have a look in the two hours before the ferry left. But the ferry had been full for an hour before we got there. So we drove up to Sidney and took the ferry over to Vancouver.

The ferry lasted 95 minutes, and then we still had awhile to drive before we got to Vancouver. Luckily we found a bypass and hit 99 (their equivalent to I5) so we didn’t have to see any Vancouver traffic.

Customs wasn’t quite so nice – we were stuck in line there for a little over an hour. That was frustrating. There was a woman behind us who was very pushy and we were frustrated with her – and she ended up tailgating us all the way from the border to the first rest area in the US, where she bolted from the car and ran to the bathroom. So that’s why she was so pushy! Ha!

It started to rain just before Everett, and the traffic slowed way down and didn’t pick up almost all the way through the entire state. We drove and drove and drove, with our windshield wipers not working all that well and lots of braking and a bit of hydroplaning here and there. We stopped for lunch quickly at McDonald’s and then didn’t stop (except to get gas and go to the bathroom) until Salem. We looked for a Starbucks that was open but everything was closed; but when we stopped at Stace’s house to pick up our presents from Mom there was a cup of coffee waiting for us and Mom had given Cory a pound of French roast, so he was happy.

We visited with Stac/Garth/Haley for a few minutes and had coffee and then we continued down highway 99 to Corvallis, and now we’re home, met by a hungry cat.

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