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Old Year

* We discovered mold in our duplex, which (along with many other problems, including disappearing landlords) prompted us to start looking for a new place to live in earnest.
* I auditioned for the Corvallis Repertory Choir and got in.

* There were lots of personnel changes at work, which was painful while it was happening but we ended up with a good team that (most of the time) gets along really well.

* I turned 26.
* My and inchworm pattern was published in CrochetMe magazine, along with a button cover tutorial.
* I started taking accounting classes.
* The CrochetMe book started taking shape and I sent in a few swatches.
* Guster came to Portland, and I went up to see it with solteronita and rini.

* Cory turned 32.
* Corvallis Repertory Singers began rehearsals for my first concert with them.
* My shrug pattern was a mid-issue surprise for CrochetMe.
* Cory's stepmother lost her battle with cancer.

* My first CRS concert was great fun, but disappointing because Cory was in Seattle for his stepmother's funeral.
* My cousin had her first baby.
* Cory and I were welcomed into the Norovirus family. Ouch.

* My cousin got married on the hottest day of the year thus far, and I helped set up and break down all the decorations.
* Remmy started feeling really sick at the end of the month.

* Remmy went to doggie heaven
* We found a townhouse to move into, after six months of searching.
* Cory and I marked our third anniversary
* Hot. Hot hot hot. And the single-paned windows on our duplex made it just as hot inside as it was outside (100s for a couple of days straight).
* My friend Rachel got married in Ashland and Cory and I spent a few days camping and canoeing at her wedding site.

* I took the last class I needed for my AA in General Ed.
* My nephew was born.
* We moved from the ant-covered moldy loud dirty duplex to the townhouse.
* I spent a weekend with my mom's side of the family at the beach.

* Cory started his first term at Oregon State University

* I got my hair cut/layered
* My second concert with CRS went very well

* Nicoal and Erin and I sang along with Mary Poppins at Cinema 21.
* I officially graduated with an AGS (Associate's of General Studies) degree (but have yet to physically receive the degree).
* Thanksgiving was at our house and was mostly a success, food-wise.

* My tank top pattern for the CrochetMe book was completed.
* My cat'o'nine tails pattern was accepted into the Anticraft book.
* There was a big windstorm that knocked out power to almost the entire region.
* I got new glasses
* Cory finally was able to attend a CRS concert!
* We went to Victoria for Christmas