Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Here i am, back in sicky-land. Four people at work were sick on Monday, and at least one of them coughed on me and used my computer and ever so kindly shared their bug with me. At about 4:30 it felt like my batteries were almost run completely down, and every movement was like I was stuck in something sticky. And I got achy and cold.

I picked Cory up and came home and promptly changed into my fleece pants and shirt and shivered on the couch for two hours, and then went to bed at 8.

When Cory came up to bed at 8:30, he woke me up and I was still in the middle of my fever; and then it felt like the fever was breaking so I slowly peeled off fleece and even got up to change into different pajama pants. I'm not completely over the fever yet, because I still get chills every once in awhile, but the bad part is that Cory offered my NyQuil and I told him I'd be OK without it; and proceeded to have fitful sleep and dream about having to match up numbers at a hospital and generally having a hard time of it. And Trout because unforgiving about my needing to toss and turn - she refused to move several times so I had to drag her around with me.

I was hoping that sitting up for a few minutes would help me out with the sleeping thing, but I may have to bite the bullet and take NyQuil, thus sealing my stay-at-home-tomorrow fate. I have a feeling that that's what I'll do - when I don't get a good night's sleep I have a really hard time of it the next day. (Oy - what am I going to do when I start having babies?!)
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