Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's strange, but with (almost) four days off I still feel like it went by in a flash. Probably because I was sick and spent most of it hoping time would hurry up so I could feel better.

On Friday I had a fever until just a few minutes before bedtime, and then on Saturday I woke up with a fever again; so I started taking Ibuprofin to get the fever down as it wasn't doing anything good for me at that point. I finally feel a lot better today, though not at 100% energy-wise. That's OK, though, because I got a lot done but didn't feel compelled to leave the house except to take the recycling out.

Mike dropped by for a couple of hours this afternoon, after the Seahawks were bumped out of the playoffs by the Bears. (poo.) He and Cory talked finances and accounting and stocks and interest, and then he left and I started dinner.

Dinner tonight is braised chicken thighs with shallots. Right now it smells really shallot-y in here, so my mouth isn't watering (my eyes are though). Soon I think the chicken smell will catch up and the house will smell really good. Laundry is about done, and it'll feel really nice to lay down in a nice clean bed with nice clean pajamas. And since it was so nice out (almost 40 today, and sunny) I opened a few windows so the bedroom would smell fresh and the sicky aura would leave.

I also started knitting with some leftover acrylic yesterday while we watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (heavily edited) on TV. It's ugly (the massacre as well as the knitting, because of the yarn), and I want to be able to just pick up needles and crank out some gorgeous lace, but you gotta start somewhere.
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