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Looks like most people in my neck of the woods are posting the same thing: the weather is icky. This morning I scrambled to get ready, and then Cory and I set out at about a quarter to 7. I got halfway to the car by walking carefully in the ice sheet that was covering the land. And then I fell on me bum! I'm OK though, thanks for being concerned. I got back up, turned around, and came back inside.

Fast forward two and a half hours and I've been sitting here watching it get light, and watching the freezing rain turn to snow, and the snow getting lighter and heavier and lighter and heavier. I did just see a school bus go by, so maybe they really are trying to open Corvallis schools 2 hours late. It was empty, but school's not supposed to start until 10. Oh, never mind, they just closed the schools.

So anyway, I don't trust myself (or anyone around me) going over the two hills I have to scale to get to work, so I'm thinking I might just stay home. I'm so glad I'm salaried because otherwise I'd have to brave it. Instead I'm going to sit next to the window and watch the snow fall.