Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Looks like most people in my neck of the woods are posting the same thing: the weather is icky. This morning I scrambled to get ready, and then Cory and I set out at about a quarter to 7. I got halfway to the car by walking carefully in the ice sheet that was covering the land. And then I fell on me bum! I'm OK though, thanks for being concerned. I got back up, turned around, and came back inside.

Fast forward two and a half hours and I've been sitting here watching it get light, and watching the freezing rain turn to snow, and the snow getting lighter and heavier and lighter and heavier. I did just see a school bus go by, so maybe they really are trying to open Corvallis schools 2 hours late. It was empty, but school's not supposed to start until 10. Oh, never mind, they just closed the schools.

So anyway, I don't trust myself (or anyone around me) going over the two hills I have to scale to get to work, so I'm thinking I might just stay home. I'm so glad I'm salaried because otherwise I'd have to brave it. Instead I'm going to sit next to the window and watch the snow fall.
Tags: weather
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