Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Dreary Night

It's a stay-in night. The rain still hasn't let up - today was a dumb day to wear a skirt. But all the rain brings the frogs out - there's a bullfrog under the front steps of the office that we kept trying to find so we could catch it. But he was pretty sly so we never got a chance to see him.

I got home about ten minutes ago, and already my face is washed and my pajamas are on. I've finished the Tunisian part of my CrochetMe pattern example, and now I've just got to weave in about fifty million ends, take pictures, sew it together, take more pictures, and finish writing the pattern. And then do the other one too. And watch The Office and Scrubs. Yay Thursday night TV - who else besides bon-bons can make my butt this big?
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