Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I think it snowed last night. There was slush on our car this morning, and there was a good amount of snow on certain cars that I shared the road with on the way to class this morning.

It's finally/already Friday. This week I was super super tired the whole time. I'm not sure why. Last night, though, I felt really gross from not being constructive. I've been resting my hands, which haven't particularly enjoyed Tunisian crochet. (It's strange - I had no problems stitching the bodice of my tank but I'm hurting doing these umbrella sheaths - maybe it's the cotton; maybe I'm stitching too tightly.) But I rested everything else too, and dishes need to be washed and such.

This morning Trout clawed Cory pretty good - I sit on the (closed) toilet every morning and dry my hair with a diffuser, and Trout is very interested in it. Not interested enough to overcome her apparently intense fear of the hair dryer, though - every time I move it she backs up a little; and Cory made the mistake of trying to pick her up while she was enthralled. She clawed him and flailed around. I think this morning was the first time he's actually been upstairs while Trout has stared at the hair dryer so he didn't know she was THAT skittish while it was turned on.

Nobody else is sitting here waiting for class this morning. It makes me wonder if I'm supposed to be here myself. It's the class right after the midterm though, so people may be skipping it because of that. I have work to do, though, and I can't do it on my Mac because I don't want to buy Quickbooks just so I can finish up the last month of class; and I can't do it at work because the version we use at school is newer and thus incompatible with the version we use at work.

Tonight may be either a rented movie night or a theater night. We want to see Pan's Labyrinth but we're not sure if it's still playing at the Darkside.

And then tomorrow is grocery day. We're out of everything.
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