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Oct. 17th, 2001

I was walking down the hall to the bathroom a few minutes ago and I heard a dove coo from someone's room. It's amazing how something as small and seemingly insignificant as a sound or a smell can bring up such powerful memories. Lots of different images and situations ran thoguh my head, and I finally ended up with a memory of walking along the path at the end of my grandparents' street in Ladeira, California. The path goes behind and between houses, and I remember how secretive and private I felt, like an explorer, when my sister and I would get lost on the paths, picking figs off branches that hung over fences but never being able to eat them because they were overripe; and listening to foreign birds calling into the warm evening.

That was a good memory, and it entertained me until I came out of the bathroom and saw a huge black spider crawling across the ceiling. (And yes, it was huge, I'm not an arachnophobic who blows things, like the size of a spider, out of proportion. :)

(When one types something in parentheses, and then ends the thought with a smiley face, should the mouth of the smiley face serve as the closing parenthesis, or should there be another parenthesis after the mouth like this? :) )