Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

We went to the Sahalie Wine Cellar at the Water Street Market last night for "green beer" (pinot noir and a shared apple tart). Our waitress was dressed in a rugby uniform. The wine was good, and the tart was decent, and then a jazz trio started playing and we couldn't hear each other talk anymore so we finished our wine and went for a short walk. We wanted to see if AJ's was still closed and for sale, but it turns out Magenta is moving there. There were several workers inside, spiffing it up. I hope it still gets business - it seemed like most of the customers there when we were at the Monroe St. location were professors and their spouses.

Next-door to the old AJ's is the Peacock. It's the hip dive bar for the college kids, and made me wonder why AJ's (and then The Union, which replaced it) did so poorly with all that foot traffic and the penchant for students to go bar-hopping. There was a throng of smokers crowded behind the waist-high fence, and we had to weave our way through glazed-eyed students meandering towards the door.

We made our way back to the car, feeling a couple of sprinkles here and there, which turned into a shower as we drove home. It made everything smell so fresh and good. And when we got home I learned a new chord on the guitar and Cory and I played for awhile until I was about to fall asleep.

This morning I've been up for almost two hours now, and Cory's still in bed. I did a bit of straightening up and opened the living room window and a nice breeze is coming in. But there's no sun yet - I'm wondering if we'll see it today. I'd like it to come out long enough to dry off the tennis courts so Cory and I can go play. Perhaps it will just be a bike-riding day and not a tennis day. That would be all right, I suppose. I kind of hope it's also a car-washing day. It's time to scrape some of that dirt off the Echo.
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