Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yikes. What happened to this week?! It was busy most of the time at work, because I had to leave early the first three days to go to school. And school was less busy. On Tuesday I went to the HR class to beg the teacher to let me in, because it's the last one I need before I'm finished. There were 8 other people who had the same idea. But she let us all in! So I will be finished with school in June.

Wednesday was Cory's birthday. He got a frame to put his upcoming degree in, and an electric teakettle for his coffee. And steak and cherry pie.

Yesterday we ran up to Portland right after work, and went to my old friend Tiffany's wedding-reception-for-Oregonians. (She and her brother both live in California and got married last fall and winter, so the four of them came up to Portland to host a party for everyone who couldn't go to their actual weddings.) They played some video of the weddings and I got to see Tiffany for the first time in a couple of years. It was nice. But when they started playing dance music and her mom came up and tried to drag me onto the dance floor, it was time for us to get out of there. Dad and Bonnie and Cory and I chatted for a little while longer, out at the car, and then Cory and I had a long talk on the way home about passion (the love-what-you're-doing kind, not the boy-girl kind) and work and school and all that fun stuff. It was good to have a couple of hours to talk about that. And when we got home and into bed at midnight we were both asleep almost immediately - it was a long day.

This weekend will not be as relaxing as most people's, I'm afraid - Cory has a ton of studying to do, and I have to do some editing on my CrochetMe book pattern, as it looks like I missed a chunk of it somehow. (I'm still not very good at writing patterns. Oy.) Thus, we are skipping Easter. We will not be skipping cleaning-the-bedroom, going-grocery-shopping, or filling-out-graduation-paperwork, however.

And it's raining. Where'd my 75 degrees and sunny go?
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