Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

At about 8 this morning I'd just settled down, all ready to start my payroll accounting homework, when Cory said "let's go play tennis!" So we did. We went to OSU's courts, and nobody else was there, which was nice. It was all cloudy and damp (not raining but feeling like it was about to) which felt really good. We played for about an hour, until I got frustrated that I kept missing the ball. I was working on my forehand, trying to learn how far my reach is, and I kept missing completely, swinging my racket through the air while the ball hit the fence behind me, which made me feel like an idiot. I tried to work on opening up my arms - I think I was trying to play tennis like I play badminton - scooping the ball up as it falls close to the ground, keeping my elbows bent and the racket close to my body as I hit it.

Next we grabbed our bikes off the car and rode downtown. We stopped at Bike 'n' Hike so the bike guy could tighten the stem on Cory's bike, and grease the chain; and then we rode by the fancy new riverside building that has Iovino's restaurant and some offices and condos and some other businesses in it. It's not quite finished yet but it's going to look nice I think.

We locked our bikes up at one end of the farmer's market and walked through. There were lots of nice plants, and pretty produce, and wilty lettuce. Cory got a jar of blueberry jam and a square of applesauce cake, and I got a really really garlicky pretzel and a couple of pints of strawberries. Then we rode to Starbucks and had coffee and I ate a bunch of strawberries with my cappuccino.

After coffee was done, we rode back to the car that was still parked by the tennis courts, which were now completely full of people. We got there at a good time, apparently.

Then it was home, and time to have lunch and really start homework. I did my chapter 3 problems, and in a bit I'll do chapter 4. I want to clean the bathroom and kitchen too. And maybe the car. Good thing there are two days in a weekend.
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