Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Memorial Day Weekend

rini reminded me that I never posted about my weekend, so here goes.

Saturday Cory and I woke up early and headed out to Agate Beach. We hadn't been on the beach together since Remmy was alive, and it was kind of bittersweet to see other dogs frolicking in the surf. We took a long walk, and I collected shells to leave in a pile for someone else to discover, and Cory took a lot of pictures. We were ready for lunch before the Rogue Brewery opened, so we spent a bit of time at the Mark Hatfield Marine Science Center's visitor's center, watching an old lady feed the fish, and petting skates and sea anemones. Then we held our noses as we ran into the brewery (something during the brewing process really stinks!) and I had a salmon burger and Cory had a really yummy burger burger. I had a couple of bites. Yeah, so I'm not a complete hardcore vegetarian yet. Sue me.

We had coffee and headed back, and then ran up to Albany so I could drop off my sunglass frames at Binyon's, and grabbed a few things at Old Navy. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home.

Sunday I headed up to Salem to meet solteronita for coffee. She got lost on the way so we decided to have lunch instead of coffee, since it was getting to be about that time. Apparently, though, nothing is open in downtown Salem on a Sunday afternoon. We ended up going to the Indian buffet two doors down from Starbucks, but not before we wandered all over town and into the food court in the mall without success. After lunch, we walked to the waterfront and watched some women shrieking on the carousel. It was very strange - they were all in their 40s and they kept shrieking and waving at a little girl who was with her grandma, I think. I'm not sure why the little girl wasn't on the carousel waving at the ladies, but oh well. We laughed at the grandma doing squats while holding her granddaughter on one of the horses. We also laughed at the signs all over the place telling people to stay off the display horses. There was even a brass statue of a carousel horse outside, with a cushy rubber mat around it, and a big sign saying "do not climb or ride the horse!" Weird. Nicoal and I went our separate ways - her to a BBQ and me to my aunt's house; where we packed up as soon as I got there and went on a tour of nurseries. I bought another jasmine - hopefully this year I won't kill it! :D I had dinner with my aunt and uncle and grandma before heading home.

Monday was homework day. I took a quiz and wrote an essay and did a few finishing touches on some payroll accounting homework. We saw Pirates 3 in the afternoon. In the evening I picked up my sunglasses and made a vegetable shepherd's pie with boca burger crumbles. Mmm.

Yesterday my shoe broke again. I have a pair of black heeled sandals, and last week the sole started to peel back from the toe. I super-glued it and it seemed to be holding fine, but about an hour before I left work it started to break again, and on my way out it caught on the rug and I stepped on it, peeling it back even further. I had to walk really strangely on my way out to the car, kicking my foot out so the sole wouldn't bend backwards and catch on the pavement, but I stepped on it a few more times, scuffing it up. They went into the trash when I got home. Bye bye, shoes.

I wrote this last night but didn't finish. I do that a lot.

Two more weeks of school!
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