Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Goodbye, Mr. Pizza

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom. Yippee. I also did the laundry, but didn't finish it, so that will also happen today.

After cleaning, I baked a frozen pizza that we got at WinCo. It had alfredo sauce on it instead of tomato, and it was really salty and not very good.

We left for Portland a bit later than we wanted yesterday (3pm) but it worked out. Cory's stomach had started hurting because of the lactose in the pizza, but he felt well enough to drive so we started out. We went to Mike's apartment and chatted with him about school for a bit, and then ran to a grocery store in West Linn for some deli salads (potato with dill, penne with sun-dried tomatoes, and that broccoli-raisin salad that all delis have). Then it was back to Mike's to eat. I started getting a tummy-ache by then, too. But we ate, and headed downtown, and parked on the fourth floor of the parking garage on 2nd and Jefferson, and walked up to 10th and Morrison where rini and solteronita and Wil had staked us out a spot. We had some grapes and I tried to teach Mike how to play cribbage, but my stomach was getting worse. The 5k came by, and we clapped for them.

By the time the actual parade started I wasn't in any mood to talk to anyone, or move much for that matter. I just kind of sat and hurt. It got worse still, and we decided to go before the parade was finished so we could get back to the car and get on our way before anyone else did. But that didn't work. We weaved our way across and down and across and down streets, and kept running into the dang parade; and then picked up the pace but got stuck in a huge throng of people waiting for the post-parade street-sweeepers to go by. We couldn't cross the street because the street sweepers were there, and we couldn't turn around and go back because of the people. It took longer than it should have, too, because an ambulance had to go by and the street sweepers were having a tough time getting out of the ambulance's way.

Finally the street sweepers were gone and we kept heading for the parking garage. We piled into the car, and backed out, and then were stuck up there for 20 minutes waiting to get into the exit line. Well, really waiting for the exit line to move. It was stuffy in there even with the car windows rolled down, and I just kind of held my head and shut my eyes and tuned everything out. I think we were in the garage for 40 minutes. Once we were out, though, the streets weren't so bad. We had a little trouble finding our way back to highway 43 which took us back to Mike's house, because of being turned around from being in the parking garage, but we made it back to Lake Oswego.

We stopped in Mike's apartment again so we could use the facilities, but mostly I just lied on the floor. Then we got into the car and I tilted the seat back and fell asleep straightaway, and woke up once we got to Albany and sat up; but fell asleep sitting up until we got home. And then got to bed and fell asleep there and slept until 9.

So yeah, no more pizza in this house. The lactose just kills us.

This morning I don't hurt quite as much, but I'm still not back to normal, so I'm taking it easy for awhile today. I may go into work and do some schoolwork because I have to go to Saginaw on Monday and I would rather not drive all that way just to turn around and go straight back to Albany for class. If I do it today I won't have to do it tomorrow. But we shall see.

The camera is still out in the car, I believe, but when it comes in I shall see if any are good enough to post.
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