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We're back from our vacation! It wasn't very long but it was fun.

Friday Cory had to work until noon, so I ran a few errands (dropped a box of crocheted yumminess off at FedEx, got some lunch items and coffee at Fred's and Starbucks) before I went and picked him up. It was raining in Corvallis, and stayed pretty dreary until we started up into the mountains, at which time the sun came out and it was warm. We stopped in Sisters at a bakery and got an apple fritter (yum) and a pecan roll (eww) on the way through to Redmond. We got to Mom's house in the middle of the afternoon, and lounged around until dinnertime; and watched a bit of TV and went to bed. It was nice and relaxing.

Saturday we meant to get up early and go to the High Desert Museum but we slept in a bit late and then didn't get dressed and out of there until almost lunchtime. So it was busier there than we wanted, but it was fun. The sawmill was running while we were there, and I almost asked one of the interpreters how many board feet the sawmill can produce daily (probably a couple hundred - my little sawmill is usually around 90,000) but there were news cameras there and he had to go talk to them.

After we exhausted the exhibits, we found our way to the McMenamins Old St. Francis School for lunch. It was a bit windy, but pretty outside, so we ate out there. I thought we would be OK in the partial shade but my left shoulder begs to differ today. I had a really yummy portabello mushroom/grilled red pepper sandwich. I want another one now.

When lunch was finished, we strolled around at The Bite of Bend but there were so many people there that we left without getting any dessert. I didn't want to have to stand in line and bump into people. There were strange girls on stilts half-dancing and wearing stupid little outfits, too. A ton of people were watching them put on what I think was a skit where they were trying to get a boy up on his stilts but he kept falling over. And as he'd fall they'd join arms and kick little kicks together. Weeeeird.

We found our way back to the car and drove up to the top of Pilot Butte, where you can see the Cascade and Blue mountain ranges and the city of Bend and such. There were people trying to bike up the steep road, going so slowly that they might as well have not even bothered.

It was only about 3 by the time we were finished hanging out in Bend, but it was good to get back to Mom's house and sit in her garden and eat dinner and chat and relax. Cory took a nap and finished reading his book that afternoon, and I started crocheting a freeform amigurumi owl, which is still sitting in my crochet basket with no beak or eyes because I'm not an embroiderer. Oh well. It'll get there eventually. Dennis was outside in his vegetable garden and caught a tiny tiny baby quail and brought it inside to show us, and I went with him outside to watch him give it back to its parents. It was about the size of a mouse, and all stripey. So cute.

Sunday was quick - we had breakfast and went with Mom to the grocery store and sat in the garden and watched a bit of TV and chatted and had lunch and left just after noon. We stopped at Dairy Queen in Sweet Home (we need to quit stopping for desserts on long car rides!) and at Starbucks once we reached town. Trout was quite happy to see us, and we got pizza for dinner (shock horror - didn't I say I would never eat pizza again after the last tummy episode?) and hung out until the evening.

So that's that. You may have noticed my lack of pictures. That was due to a lack of camera, which was due to a lack of foresight. Whoops. To make up for it, however, I will soon be scanning tons of old photos of my sister and me and our kitties and other such things (Mom let me take them with me) and I may share one or two of them with you. I bet you can't wait.
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