Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Contrary Mary

Haley's been in town since Tuesday, so I've been semi-scarce.

On Wednesday we kind of hung out most of the day, went to see Ratatouille, and then we went to see the fireworks in the evening. We found an OK spot on 2nd street in front of a car dealership in the grass, but there was a tree in the way. But there was almost nobody around us, which was very nice. We did stop by the motel parking lot which is the best place to see the fireworks, but there were so many people and so many fireworks going off between the people that we had no interest in braving that situation.

On Thursday I spent 45 minutes in the yarn shop talking to the owner about yarn while poor Haley stood around being bored. Then we met Nicoal at Silver Falls State Park. We all brought yummy food (hummus and chips and cherries and veggies and vegan chocolate chip cookies) and had a picnic lunch, and then we went for a hike back behind the south falls. The way down was fine and the way up hurt. I had to stop partway. I'm such a wuss. We also found a place away from most people (and the sun) and waded halfway into the shallow part of a stream and stood there watching kids play where the water was deeper. It felt really good. After we stood around for awhile we went back to the picnic tables and each wound a skein of Silky Wool and enjoyed how much cooler it was up in the hills in the shade. Except a jumpy spider kept appearing on me, which was annoying.

Yesterday we went in search of plants. We went to Home Depot and found nothing, and then went to Garland Nursery and found a Beautyberry and a Blueberry to put on my patio. Then we had lunch and went home to hide in the cooler house for awhile (we both got sunburned at Silver Falls a bit, and then made it worse walking around in the nursery for that long), and then went to Fred's to get pots for the new plants. After we picked Cory up we had dinner at Big River and then Haley and I spent a couple of hours on the patio. The Beautyberry is just the perfect height to block the view of the street from the little bistro chairs. The patio is almost finished now - and it's such a nice place to sit and enjoy the evening.

I took Haley to the train station this morning, and now Cory and I are hanging out until he decides it's time to go see Transformers, which he's been looking forward to for a long long time. I will also crochet. This Silky Wool is purdy.
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