Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It's been just over a year since Remmy died. We talked about it a couple of times in the last week and I still get teary over it. Poor sweet puppy.

Yesterday was HOT and HOT and HOT some more. My fingers were sweaty so I couldn't crochet. It didn't get cool enough for us to open the windows until about 10pm. And then I couldn't get to sleep very well. Part of that, though, was that we kept the downstairs window open and I kept thinking about cat burglars.

But then this morning I woke up actually chilly, which felt nice, and then I steeled myself for more hot weather... but when we left for work this morning it was kind of overcast and it hasn't come out of it yet. And it's windy, which is making for a very dusty mill site. But I think it's only 84, which feels downright cool compared to yesterday's oven.

At lunch today I finished the backside of a sweater I'm making. Yes, I'm making a sweater even though it's hot. It's a wool/silk blend, which feels nice. And I also sent off my application to TNNA. I'm excited, even though I'm not sure how easily I'm going to get to any of the tradeshows. I should see where they're planning on having the next few (or if they move around at all).

Now I'm excited to go home and open the windows! And maybe even sit outside in the fresh air! I've felt kind of cooped up the past few days.
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