Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Nicoal and I went camping this weekend! We were planning on going to Shady Cove Campground, but when we got there all the sites were full. And this was after we drove down washboardy roads for a long time, too, dangit. So we retraced our steps and found one last spot at Elkhorn Valley campground, around 35 miles northeast of Salem.

Elkhorn Valley Campground is home to camp host Grumpy McGrumperson, who kindly reminded us to go up to the host campsite to register our site because he "damn well almost rented it out!" So we hid from him for the rest of the day.

We spent much of the evening chatting, snacking, crocheting/knitting, and hanging out by the creek. We took lots and lots of pictures.

We had yummy dinner that took a long time to cook. While we were waiting, we drank a bottle of wine and then giggled a lot and tried not to fall in the fire. Dinner killed the buzz, but it was getting late so it was OK. We had s'mores using vegan marshmallows, which were funny-looking but still yummy. Then we had nice bonding conversation and went to bed.

In the morning we had steel-cut oatmeal and an interesting mixture of apples, cranberries and potatoes with cinnamon. After we ate, we hiked down a fun trail that had lots of broken boardwalk bridge parts and pretty spanish moss, and spent some more time at the river before we packed up. I got home just after 1.

It was a most excellent camping trip.

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