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Cory and I have been hearing a lot about responsible food-buying and -eating on NPR lately, and also about Community Sponsored Agriculture, where you buy a share of a harvest at a CSA Farm and in return you get a box of produce (or in some cases meat or flowers or honey or dairy products or eggs too) once a week. It encourages biodiversity in crops, which helps the soil; and you know where all of your food comes from; and it provides farmers with the ability to spend their time working on their crops rather than trying to market their produce as they have a market who's already paid for their share. There are quite a few CSA's in the Portland area, but there are only two (that I know of) in the Corvallis area: Gathering Together Farm and Denison Farms. It's too late, of course, for us to try it this year; but I'm glad to have some time to work out a bit of math and see if I spend more money in the produce section of Safeway than I would in a CSA.

The idea of eating more simply really appeals to me, though the practice has escaped me 'cause I like soda and chips and other junky food. But I love the idea of living more simply and buying food locally and all that good stuff. I think when it gets closer to fall I think about it more because of the harvest and going to pumpkin patches and picking apples and such.

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