Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

It surprises me sometimes that I can be so vain and yet not know how to do the most basic beauty schtuff. This morning I finally opened the curling iron package that I bought at least a month ago, and tried it out. The result was greasy hair that didn't lie perfectly straight against my head (then again, it never does) but had no semblance of curl either. Good thing I only did the layer closest to my neck. I s'pose I need more practice!

I also came down all ready to go a few minutes ago and then realized I have to trek all the way back upstairs because I forgot to put on mascara.

I think I need a personal assistant with more style than me. I will sit there and she (or he, I'm not picky!) can fuss around and make me up and then I will go out the door fabulous. Extra points if they can touch my hips/butt/tummy and make it thin and trim!

This weekend we are going to the Ryan/Granholm family reunion. I am excited to see everybody, as we haven't seen them in two years. Maybe I'll take pictures - we'll see what kind of a mood I'm in.
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