Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I had weird dreams last night.

I was on a school bus waiting for my friend Erin to have her baby. She did, and her dad came running onto the bus with the baby, and I reached out my arms to him but he pushed past me to show the people in the back and it upset me that he ignored me.

Still on the bus, the baby was being passed around to other passengers (except we were parked I think), and one lady in front of me was holding him up without supporting his head. I moved up to sit next to her and taught her how to hold the baby right. (Ha.)

Then the baby was being held by two women across the aisle, and one lady held the baby by the head and wiggled his dangling body around, demonstrating how his neck was flexible.

Next, I was in an auditorium where there were lots of people gathered, and Erin announced "this party is a promise ring!" insinuating that she and her (IRL) husband Ulises were celebrating their "serious relationship." I went outside for a minute and came back in to applause. I looked at Erin's left hand, and sure enough, there was a huge engagement ring on her finger - I had had a feeling he was going to propose.

In the auditorium after that was a musical that reminds me of the things churches put on - Bible stories with lots of singing and dancing. This one was about a mean old Egyptian queen. People danced and sang about how it'd be bad to go to hell. Then the queen died and people danced and sang a final song about how she was going to hell. And then the song started to change into how important it is to love America, and how all the girls should go find a cowboy for a boyfriend. I was suddenly offended by it, and told Cory's cousin Stacy so. She said "oh, it's just a song about their ideals!" so I left.

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