Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Game Day

I love Corvallis on game day. This is the Beavers' third game of the season, but the first on a weekend. We set out this morning for some coffee at the downtown Starbucks, where we had to stand in line but were able to use our BOGO coupon and we ended up paying $2.50 for two coffees and a newspaper. We sat in the corner and did the crossword together and did a bit of people-watching. Then we went to the bookstore for Cory's textbooks for fall term. It's fun to go to the bookstore on game day - it's full of orange and black merchandise, and full of orange- and black-clad shoppers.

Next we went to the sporting-goods shop downtown and Cory tried on some shoes and got them ordered. We walked around the farmers market and got some corn. And we browsed The Inkwell furniture store for fun, since we parked in front of it.

It was nice to be downtown this morning - we can feel fall now, and the trees are starting to change, and there was a generally festive feel on the streets. It makes me almost miss our little apartment on Adams Street that was close to campus. We could hear the cannon that goes off at each touchdown, and when the wind was right we could hear the cheering too.

There's rain in the forecast for tomorrow! Yay!

(Update: The sun came out on Reser stadium as Oregon State smooshed Idaho State, 61-10. Ouch.)
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