Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Today turned out prettier than I thought. This morning I had breakfast and good conversation with Dad, who came through on his way to Eugene. When the fog burned off, Cory and I went to Staples to get a desk for the kitchen, where previously Cory's computer was on the wobbly card table. This one is nice because it compacts nicely when you're not using it and one surface swivels out so we can use it as an extra surface. We came home and put it together, and then I walked to Petco just a bit ago to get some new food dishes for Trout. I'd been using a plastic bowl, and suddenly Trout's neck was all itchy and scabby. My aunt told me that germs start building up in the plastic and climb onto kitties' necks when they eat. Poor thing. So I'd been using a glass ramekin for awhile but it was too small and I wanted a matched pair of bowls for her. Now it looks nice. I got her some wheat grass while I was there too, and she munched on it for a bit when I brought it home to her.

Now it's dinnertime, and soon after it shall be meal-plan time. And maybe dessert time. Mmm.
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