Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Plow & Hearth = Ugh

Today I received three sets of glass raindrop ornaments for my sister, mom and myself for Christmas. It was very nice to see them, because they'd gone through quite an ordeal (as did I) to get to my front door.

On October 4th, I ordered from It was a little early for Christmas shopping, but I thought they were something my sister and mom would like, and I thought I'd put a set of them on my tree this year. I got the confirmation email saying that they were coming via UPS to my office, and if they were sent straight from the manufacturer they wouldn't have a tracking number. Which of course they were. So I waited for a couple of weeks just in case, and...

On October 23rd I finally emailed them. I said that I hadn't received my order and wasn't sure if they'd been returned to the manufacturer or if they were dropped off at the wrong place or what. I expected a quick email back from someone, but was disappointed. So...

On November 1st I emailed them again. I told them that perhaps they got the address wrong, and let them know that we didn't get mail service at my work address so if they tried to mail them instead, for some reason, I had an alternative address for them. I included my home address and sent it off.

On November 6th, still without a word from P&H, they debited my card for the items I ordered.

On November 9th I finally heard back from them. They (I say they because there was no name, just "customer service") emailed to apologize and let me know that they'd already sent a replacement to my work address through the mail. I immediately emailed them back and let them know that if they'd responded to my emails sooner to figure out why the initial package was returned to their manufacturer (or if they'd read my second email!) they would have known that their replacement was not going to make it to me.

On November 20th, I got another email. This time it was signed by a real person, and she let me know that the next day she would be sending me another replacement via 2-day UPS, and would also send a return shipping label through the mail to my house just in case the first replacement package turned up on my doorstep somehow. She said "I'm sorry, and I hope this doesn't keep you from ordering from us in the future!" I also got an email survey to fill out. I almost cackled when I saw it - it'll be fun to fill that puppy out.

And then today after a long, laborious trip through cyberspace and beyond, I received the first and last thing I've ever ordered from Plow & Hearth.
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