Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Merry Christmas!!

Tomorrow I work for a teensy bit, have a Christmas potluck at work (Yuletide BBQ Ribs! Mmm!), and then duck out as early as I possibly can to drive down to San Francisco to pick up Joel. We're a little worried about the Siskiyou pass down at the border of Oregon/California but after that we're home free, heading all the way down to LA and then cutting east through Phoenix to Houston.

Tonight we stopped at Petco and got Trout a heated bed for our week away. We're sure we'll be using it for most of the wintertime while we're away at work and school as well. I thought it'd take her awhile to decide what she thought of it but she got right in as soon as I plugged it in, sniffed all the Petco smells all over it, and settled down. No more lap kitty on winter evenings, methinks. (But the bed can't scratch her chin!)

So we'll be away from the computer for a week - have a wonderful Christmas and have a sip of bubbly for me on New Year's Eve!
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