Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Yay Kids

"Aunt Megan, you may not be very smart, but WE know that that stick is ATTACHED to the water."

We're in Texas now. We got here at 10 last night, and this morning has been full of Rank & Bass shows on TV and lots of giggling girls and flirting baby boys. We walked to the pond, where the above quote was uttered. We had Christmas Eve dinner instead of Christmas Day dinner. Tonight the kids will open their Christmas Eve gifts and leave cookies out for Santa.

Also, I got word from Dad yesterday midmorning that my Grandpa passed away. We were going to visit him this Saturday on our way back up to Oregon, so I'm sad we weren't able to go kiss his cheek one more time. I am not devastated because we've all been preparing ourselves for this, since he's been unwell for so long, but I still had a good cry last night, looking up at the stars and the moon that he loved telling me about when I was younger. I'll miss you, Grandpa.
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