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I finally talked to my aunt Dayle last night. So I guess
on Friday I'm taking BART to Orinda to visit them. I've
only been on BART once. I'm not worried about it,
really, but it'll be annoying to have to carry my rather
extensive baggage on a BART train. Oh well. At least I
don't have to switch trains at all.

Tonight I'm making dinner! I invited Travis to eat with
us. He ate with us last night, but I think he tries to keep
to himself most of the time. I'm making Morrocan Spiced
Lamb Casserole with Sweet Potato and Olives. It's really
really good. You're supposed to serve it over couscous,
but Grandma thinks that's not nutritious enough and
she wants to serve it over brown rice. I think couscous
is better. I'll have to just suck it up and tell her to let me
handle it. I've already made it twice. I made it for Mike
and his roommates Shar and Jason when we all lived
in/around Salem, and only Jason liked it. Good thing he
eats like a pig. :) Mike didn't like it at all. But Grandpa
likes everything and Grandma said she likes lamb, so
hopefully everybody will like it. I love it.

So I guess the time went by pretty quickly this week... I
wonder when I'll be back here. Probably not in a long
time. That's kinda sad. I like it here. But I'm also excited
to see Ken and Dayle, and my parents...

My cold is almost gone!
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