Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Winter term starts tomorrow. So we took it relatively easy this weekend, watching movies, crocheting, grocery shopping in the snow this morning (it's all melted now though), and just generally being quiet. Cory's friend Mike came over for pizza on Saturday night, which was nice. We went to the OSU bookstore to get Cory's textbooks on Saturday morning, when it was still quiet there, and I got myself a moleskin journal. With a little bit of use the cover will get nice and soft. After Mike's visit we went to Borders, and I got I Capture the Castle (Thanks, honeywest - the first chapter was already great!) and In Defense of Food. I wasn't sure which one to start first!

And now it's an early bedtime, after some ginger green tea and a chapter or two. Next stop: spring break.
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