Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Long day yesterday. I woke up at 7:30 and got ready, and left by 9 (after running to Starbucks and Chevron first). I went to Haley's and met her boyfriend and animals and saw where she lived, and took her first to Dad's where she saw the remodeling they're doing, and then to her work. Dad and I went to Gustav's for lunch (Weisswurst sausage with cabbage and onions and mustard and saurkraut) and then hung out at his house for a little longer before I had to go to my next stop.

Next was my friend Trisha's baby shower. There were 25 women there, mostly older family and friends, and I knew just a couple but not well enough to have much to say to them (or vice versa). We had cake and watched Trish open her gifts. I had a chance to chat with Trish for a few minutes before I left, and then I went across town to meet Nicoal.

Dinner was the most fun part of the day. I met Ravi finally, and we had a nice dinner at Arabian Breeze. I got falafel, and it had a really good flavor to it - I've had falafel before but this was exceptionally good. I introduced them to No More Kings on the way back to Nicoal's, and Nicoal and I finished the evening with a few music videos. I may have created a fellow Feist freak. Heh.

Then I sang all the way home and fell into bed and woke up late. Later I shall sit with Cory while he watches the Super Bowl.
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