Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Tonight marks the end of business for a little while. Though this choir concert is being performed with only six rehearsals under our belts, four of them happened between Tuesday and this morning and that's a lot in such a short time. I have found that I've begun taking a nap on concert days, in-between our 10am-12pm rehearsal and our 7pm call time. It makes me feel a little nicer in the evening since by the end of rehearsal on Saturday I'm still exhausted from Friday night's rehearsal. Anyway, in two and a half hours I'll be singing such hits as June is Bustin' Out All Over and Girls of Paree. Whee. Or Oui, I guess.


Whoops, forgot to post this. I'm back, it was good, I sang my solo, and the women did a little Valentine's number for our director, which was pretty funny. There was an after-party at the country club but I heard quite a few people say they weren't going and all I wanted to do was get into my pajamas and drink a glass of wine with Cory so that's what I'm doing now. Cheers.
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