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I always forget to post.

Taxes are done.
Grocery shopping is done (except I can't find miso paste anywhere?!)
Straightening up is NOT done.
Part of me wants to go to Old Navy and the other part wants to sit here on my behind. And another part of me wants to go for a walk because it's sunny.

Yesterday I went up to Salem to the Family and Baby Expo at the fairgrounds. It was worth the $0 I spent on a ticket - only a few booths and most of them weren't anything I was remotely interested in. Several booths weren't even manned. It's the highest concentration of pregnant ladies I've ever seen though (not that I'm surprised, due to the subject matter of the expo). My friend and I walked from her house, which was a good 3.5 miles round trip, including our stop at the Vietnamese restaurant, where we met her husband for lunch. We spent a couple of hours playing with her son on the floor and then I stopped by my grandma's house on my way home to get the birthday gifts Mom dropped there for my sister and I.


So, why is it that I write 3/4 of a post and then let it sit there until I'm trying to restart my computer and it says "wait, you have 3/4 of a post!" and only then do I realize that I wrote 3/4 of a post and just let it sit there? Better late then never, I suppose.


Mar. 11th, 2008 10:58 am (UTC)
In order to keep myself motivated for grad school, I have been looking up potential internship places in Oregon! This is a long way off-- 2011, as a matter of fact-- but I know that I want to live in Portland after graduation so getting my proverbial foot in the door in Oregon would be a great start.

I have a bunch of posts archived in my head that I would like to put into text. Next week is Spring Break, which does not have much to do with the previous sentence, but it is nice to note.
Mar. 11th, 2008 09:48 pm (UTC)
Yay! I think Portland would love to have you! It's an awesome place to live. And 2011 isn't that far off - the years seem to fly by for me, at least.

I can always tell when spring break is coming up because Cory stops sleeping. Next week is his finals week. Poor guy.