Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

Monday at work satisfactorily finished. Did lots of stuff by myself since Nan wasn't around. Was happy all day because Nan wasn't around. Got to do things my way because Nan wasn't around.

Tonight I clean my apartment. Dirty dog and dirty boyfriend clomping around, leaving leaves, making messes. Boyfriend should come clean my apartment for a change. Scrub my kitchen floor.

I bought an umbrella last night, as it was rainy. The rain had stopped when I exited Fred Meyer. The rain started again sometime during the night and we could hear it slapping against the pavement in the morning. Then it stopped when I left the house. Thus, I haven't used the stupid thing yet. Does someone up in the sky know when I have an umbrella and when I don't? Grr.

Must also do laundry tonight. Sheets and blankets shameful. Down to last pair of socks and last pair of underwear.

4 days until my cell phone is shut off. Stupid VoiceStream won't let me pay my bill in installments until my service is cancelled by them. That's a dumb rule. Don't consider VoiceStream in your efforts to equip yourself with a cell phone.

Tags: columbia, cory
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