Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This is why I don't miss answering phones for a living...

I was chatting with the receptionist this morning, and she told me about a telemarketer who calls all the time for the maintenance supervisor. He's never nice to her - he just says "M.H." (his full name though) all brusquely. Since he's always out in the mill, you know, fixing things; she always says "he's out in the mill, sorry! Would you like me to take a message?" She can't usually get the whole thing out before he hangs up on her though.

Then yesterday, he called, asked for M., and she asked if she could take a message. He said "yes." She was surprised, but pulled out a pen and waited for him to start. He was quiet for a minute, and then stage-whispered,


And hung up on her.
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